Typically older vessels have automation systems based on old technology and spare parts are rapidly becoming scarce and expensive if not obsolete. A system failure can be very costly. Apart from having a modern user interface and advanced system capabilities our system is based on standard PC components giving our customers access to spare parts at very low prices with great availability.


Kockum Sonics can provide ship owners with total flexibility in choice of gauging systems, valves, pumps, alarms etc. Pick your favorite subsystems and we will integrate them into one solution and a modern platform. Giving you the best system the market can offer that fulfills your needs.

Installation flexibility meeting your needs

Kockum Sonics provides a solution for ship owners who want to have the better of two worlds. Keep the parts of the automation system that has proved itself worthwhile and replace the parts that are not up to scratch. Kockum Sonics has developed and tested SHIPMASTER together with Karismar Marine Systems with more than 30 years of experience in marine automation.

SHIPMASTER® system capabilities

SHIPMASTER Cargo & Ballast Automation provides a complete overview and control
of the loading and discharging of tanks. Pumps, valves and other equipment are easily controlled and monitored on screen from a SHIPMASTER PC and the dedicated operator keyboard. Graphical process views provide the operators with a full picture of gauging sensors, temperature sensors etc.

SHIPMASTER is of course compatible with other KOCKUM SONICS products such as LOADMASTER® and LEVELMASTER®.

Operational benefits

The following benefits can be derived from SHIPMASTER:
• Minimum change of technology to secure end of lifetime maintenance. • Modern software platform easily maintained by service engineers.
• No change in instrumentation.
• Minimal change in I/O modules.
• Transfer of major functionality
• Several workstations available
• Unlimited display units available

Optional Packages

Advanced route planning, combined with powerful on-line support at sea, and useful post-voyage functionality. Seaware EnRoute Live allows its users to carefully plan voyages as well as to detect and manage critical situations while at sea, all based on the specific ship’s seakeeping characteristics.

PC-based real time ship manoeuvring simulator. PORTSIM is a flexible and reliable simulator based on SSPA’s long and well known experience of ship manoeuvring and mathematical modelling. Over 60 years’ know-how from research, tank model testing and full-scale correlation and over 40 years’ experience of real time simulations are incorporated in PORTSIM.