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DECK MOUNTED propulsion

This type can be ELECTRIC or MECHANICAL

The Deck Mounted Electric Rotatable Propeller Drive Units come complete with Diesel Gen-Set (Radiator or Water Cooled), Mounting Frame, Electric Inverters (with PWM control), Enclosure, Drive Units and electric load sensing drive module and full set of Bridge controls.

Deck Mounted Electric/Diesel Driven Rotatable Propeller Drives with optional Height Adjustment and 75 degree tilt capability, ranging from 200kw up to 1500Kw complete with Diesel Gensets Drive, accessories  and full sound proof enclosure ..... A Complete Drive Package

  • Self-contained propulsion package

  • Compact unit

  • For virtually any watercraft

  • Fast installation

  • Easy maintenance

  • 60-0-60° maneuverability (optional 360 degree full azimuthing)

  • Powerful unit

Installation is fast and simple, since the Deck Mounted Electric Propulsion Drives merely has to be bolted onto a foundation prepared by the shipyard. Thus every kind of floating object can easily become motorised. The System is characterised by its wide variety of applications.

The MPS-Marine Thruster Systems Deck Mounted, Electric and Steerable Propeller Drives units are of a very heavy duty construction, offering full 360 degree continuous steering (optional). The permanent magnet electric motor is designed as an integral part of the thruster hub and thereby eliminating the reduction gear sets required in other mechanical drives..... less noise, maximum efficiency and greater reliability in either rotation, offers high thrust performance in a very compact drive package. The hydraulic transmission is (vertical height adjustment + unit raised positions) diesel genset engine driven through the PTO.

The unit incorporates our unique transmission kick-up device which is specifically designed for shallow water or beaching applications and protects the transmission from unknown underwater hazards.

Side or Transom Mounted 

Fully Steerable or Azimuthing 

Swing / Tilt to the 75 degree Up Position



Scope of Supply:

  •   Rotatable Rudder Propeller Drive (Full Azimuthing)

  •   Hydraulic Clutch

  •   Cardan Shafting with Pillow Block Bearings

  •   Engine Drive with PTO

  •   Hydraulic Pump and Reservoir

  •   Full Bridge Controls

  •   Optional Full System Enclosure

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OFFERTA - Nr. 2 piedi poppieri idraulici da 80 HP cadauno in pronta consegna

Abbiamo Nr. 2 piedi poppieri idraulici da 80 HP cadauno in pronta consegna