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Oggi abbiamo superato 10.000 consegne. Ciò significa che abbiamo un database interno della conoscenza delle navi che non ha eguali a qualsiasi concorrenza. I clienti che adattano le loro navi con un nuovo LOADMASTER molto spesso possono beneficiare dell'archivio navale di Kockumation. Abbiamo preparato i dati della spedizione per la produzione e i tempi di consegna possono essere ridotti al minimo.

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Damage generator

Kockum Sonics has a unique analysis tool for the damage criterion. The outcome will be a list of 100–300 damage cases that are required to fully test a departure condition in accordance with MARPOL, IBC and IGC codes.
As per today’s requirements from some IACS members it
is not enough just to enter the prede ned damage cases
that are presented in the vessel’s damage stability booklet. Therefore the loading computer has been extended to include damage cases that incorporate a complete survey of the intact condition in accordance with MARPOL, IBC or IGC.

3-D calculation method

For the vessel’s outermost compartments the volume in a damaged tank will be dependent upon vessel’s water line. Any changes in the vessel’s oating position will impact the content of water in the tanks. For compartments that are
not directly damaged and are partially lled, the volume of water in theses compartments remains unchanged when the vessel’s heel changes. LOADMASTER calculates damage stability using the Lost Buoyancy Method. A 3-D description of the hull and it’s compartments is used in order to nd vessel equilibrium. The calculation is in accordance with The International Association of Classi cation Societies, IACS UR L5 (Type 3). LOADMASTER therefore calculates trim and stability corresponding to the nal stage of ooding, in addition ve (5) intermediate stages of ooding and displays them within the damage report.

Damage survey

By the click of a mouse, damage stability calculations are executed almost instantly and any previously user de ned damage cases are also calculated. The damage calculation is applied to any intact condition, real or theoretical. A summary of the calculation results is presented clearly on screen and the program’s powerful functionality allows any of the cases to be selected for a detailed study, with the survey report generated for on- screen presentation as well as hard copy, thus making IACS UR L5 (TYPE 3) reporting extremely simple. The operationally focused reports are extended to include Class requirements governing intermediate stages of ooding as well as the ve worst damage cases that
are presented separately. The user will also be visually alerted if the present condition is not evaluated against the required damage scenarios as required.

Damage consultant

By using the Loadmaster damage generator, Kockum
Sonics can offer support on damage analysis in accordance with MARPOL, IBC or IGC Codes. Consequently Kockum Sonics’ damage generator can provide the Owner with new damage manual potentials, an addendum for an existing damage manual and a tool to assist in the analysis of damage implications in cases where the ship’s structure is to be, or has been modi ed.