The Electric Jet

this is our elegant Propulsion and Maneuvering Electric Podded Jet Systems designed to provide any type vessel maximum Propulsion with optional Steer ability, Silent operation and Reliability

a Simple System

available in several configurations for different applications and vessel requirements, producing up to 20,000 pounds (9,150 kgs-f) of power Dynamic Thrust under Way

Vibration Free Operation

Advantages of the SPS Jet Series jets provide the following advantages as compared to traditional thrusters and propeller drives:

  • Built-in permanent magnet electric motor

  • No complicated gearbox arrangements – direct impeller drive

  • Using Standard Variable Frequency (VFD) or Active Front-End Drives (AFE’s) for low harmonic

    Class requirements (ABS – BV- DNV-Lloyds and others)

  • Offered with Full Bridge Controls and Monitoring Systems

  • Power Management Systems available

  • Ruggedly reliable

  • No propellers mean people in the water are safe from harm

  • Superior maneuverability (Fixed & Azimuthing Modules)

  • Good acceleration, high efficiency at fast speeds

  •   A mechanically simple device; easy to service, low maintenance costs

  •   Conical impeller duct, easy to adjust impeller gap

  •   Installation requires little space in the engine compartment