SubSea Electric Podded Propulsors with Nozzle Assemblies  

    “Fixed and Steerable Configurations” designed for Manned Submersibles and Tourist Submarine applications.

    A “Unique” Series of Electric Propulsors incorporating a brushless dc electric motor as an integral part of the thruster hub. Introducing

    Silent Propulsion Systems” that are, efficient, compact and lightweight using carbon-fiber propeller technology. The drives utilise variable speed motor controllers.

    The thruster pod ratios are idealized for maximum flow conditions.

    The "Podded Wet” Propulsor systems are designed to prevent leakage. Typical subsea thruster systems are prone to water entering or oil leaking through the propeller shaft seals.

    The “Wet” Propulsor design eliminates this problem by the introduction of an internal sealed diaphragm located between the rotor and stator, creating two separate isolated and sealed compartments. Water cannot reach the stator and electronics through the shaft seal. By incorporating Kort type nozzles – a 30% increase in bollard thrust is achieved.