Controllo Assetto e pescaggio nave. Highly accurate and robust electro-pneumatic solutions using both the sequential and constant sampling designs. In addition to these we also offer the PT800 pressure transducer that is designed and approved for use in harsh marine environments. To complete the system Kockumation also provide several tailor made HMI applications to present the tank and draft data in a user friendly and operationally focused display

As a consequence of market requirements Kockumation has developed it’s latest product the DRAFTMASTER draft monitoring system. Drawing on existing approved and proven components the new system provides an innovative and precise tool that the crew can safely rely upon and complies with all regulatory requirements.

The system is configured as appropriate to the vessel’s size and is engineered to be retrofitted with the absolute minimum of installation changes with the utilisation of the existing cabling being a huge cost saving bene t.

Smaller vessels
For smaller vessels the system can use only one draft gauging sensor in combination with an inclinometer for oating condition monitoring.

Larger vessels
Larger vessels generally operate with four draft gauging sensors allowing us to accurately present Drafts trim and list from just those sensors.
The system is capable of exporting data out to any loading instrument or automation system as required.

Kockumation prepared two types of display units. One type for bridge installation and the other a cabinet enclosed version aimed for deck installation.