Macchine per lavori subacquei - ROV

The modules come complete with Jetting nozzles. Other uses include:

  • Seabed Leveling with Port/Harbor dredging and clearance capabilities.
  • Treasure Hunting and is ideal for removal of sand in large areas with digging capabilities. 

Maneuverability in strong currents Tracking 

Models are available in 25, 50, 75, 135, 175 and 250 Horsepower Modules. They are complete with electric/hydraulic pressure compensated drives in a Stationary or Maneuverable Option. The operator can combine Underwater Camera Systems with Lighting, and can incorporate manipulator arms, and a sub-bottom profiler. The module can incorporate a flotation collar with full ship-based control systems.

Electric Excavator Modules available up to 1000Kw in various voltages pressure compensated for SubSea use. 


SubSea Remote Recovery Module

Maneuverable Grab/Excavator Module – from 25 - 250 HP

The remotely operated grab excavator system is an electro/hydraulic operated multi-jaw grab module incorporating thrusters for maneuverability, a jetting system and lights with cameras. The module can be lowered and maneuvered over a target for recovery using the hydraulically actuated jaws. The unit can be winched to the surface for unloading or maneuvered to a waiting contained located on the ocean bottom for later recovery. 

SubSea Cable Trencher Components... 

RiSEA SubSea Pte Ltd is a supplier of Cable Thencher major sub-assembly components and specializes in the following equipment:

  • Subsea Electric Motor / Water Pumps
  • Jetter Assemblies
  • Jetter Manifold Assemblies
  • Sudsea Hydraulic Cylinerrs with position feedback
  • Pressure & Flow Sensors
  • Hydraulic Subsea Thrusters
  • Pressure Compensated Mair Hydraulic Reservoirs
  • Hydraulic Valve Packs
  • Pressure Compensated Electric connections enclosures