AUV Propulsor &  Fin Actuator Modules

L&T pioneers torpedo-tube “ADAMYA” AUV.... the 850-kg AUV with a diameter of 533-mm and length of 5700-mm is powered by Lithium-polymer batteries with enough charge to keep it going for 8-hr at 4 knots.

The RiSEA Two contra-rotating propellers give the Adamya a top speed of 6-kt, and a cruise speed of 4- kts. The vehicle is also capable of hovering. 

Our unique "New Series" of AUV Thruster / Fin and Position Modules, designed as off-the-shelf Propulsion, Fin Control and Positioning Modules, providing the AUV builder, a "major building block" for maneuverability, position keeping and/or SubSea Dynamic Positioning capabilities.

The AUV Propulsor Module utilizes a very efficient thruster assembly, arrangement of Fins "quad configuration” and controllers plus auto- pilot and positioning control, mounted in a light weight (carbon-fiber composite) Module.

The AUV Propulsor Modular is complete with the following major components.

A Modular designed Propulsor (customized to your vehicle design).

  • Fin Actuators + controllers
  • Electronic Control Package for simplified integration of propulsion, control and communication.
  • A Modular design approach for the AUV manufacture offering the basic building block... The Propulsor Module is offered (as standard) with single propeller "Fixed" Module and offered (as optional) with a dual counter-rotating propeller system or a Steerable module configuration with no body fins required.    

Motor Controllers (ECU) Boards are offered for full speed control functions and incorporated inside the Module. The Fin Actuator Assembly and control electronics are housed within the oil filled, pressure compensated housing, and engineering for building a mock-up C++ application that controls the 8 axis (Thrusters) through Ethernet TCP/IP interface. 

The AUV Modular APM is complete with the following major components.

  • A Standard Complete Modular designed unit
  • Main AUV Propulsor
  • Electronic Control Package for simplified integration of Propulsion, Control and Communication.
  • Subsea Connectors

One Atmosphere Thruster Motor Controller Housings designed to operate our Subsea Thrusters.

Housings made from Titanium TI AL6-4V and rated for 6,000M (available in Aluminum + stainless steel for other depths).

  • Design Safety Factor 1.15
  • Housings to have a vent plug
  • Housings to have a water detector sensor
  • Housings to have a vacuum seal test port on each end
  • Housing fasteners to be SS316
  • Housing end caps drilled and tapped to accept ground straps
  • Housing end caps drilled and tapped for jacking bolts for end cap removal 

Brushless DC Electric AUV Propulsion & Fin Control Modules

AUV electric propulsion & steering systems

Sistema controllo del timone a sospensione cardanica

GIMBALLED Propulsion Systems

  • Brushless Permanent Magnet AC and/or DC motor – direct drive
  • Double-gimballed ring-wing duct moves vertically for elevator, and horizontally for rudder control
  • Propeller moves with the duct
  • System designs available up to 75 Kw
  • Servo Control
  • Eliminates the need for Rudders & Hydro-planes (reduced drag)